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    Left behind

    Thread Starter: gallo

    Nicolas Cage is starring in the bit of superstitious nonsense. How dumb do you have to be to believe that millions of random individuals will be magically disappear all at the same time? I haven't...

    Last Post By: gallo 31st October 2014, 01:59 AM Go to last post

    Texas idiot

    Thread Starter: gallo

    It seems at this point that the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor is going to be elected. I have been told by two informed, well educated, died in the wool, straight ticket voting...

    Last Post By: Ender 31st October 2014, 01:49 AM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Charlatan

    I find that with the right attitude we can eliminate discomfort and feel great joy. then i came to the conclusion that we could build a device like a monument sort of thing that emits 'brain waves'...

    Last Post By: Charlatan 31st October 2014, 01:48 AM Go to last post

    Are we alone in the Milky Way?

    Thread Starter: Nono

    Right, the Goldilocks Zone may be one hell of a rare place. We can't know this, of course. But the idea that our galaxy is absolutely teeming with advanced civilizations may be utter bollocks, as...

    Last Post By: Ender 31st October 2014, 01:44 AM Go to last post

    The Coming Climate Crash

    Thread Starter: barts

    Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession by Henry M. Paulson Jr., chairman of the Paulson Institute at the University of Chicago and secretary of the Treasury from July 2006 to January...

    Last Post By: Ender 31st October 2014, 01:42 AM Go to last post
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