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The Ugly Canadians

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Since about 1993 when the Liberal Party of Canada took office and more recently and to a far greater degree with the Conservative Party of Canada, Canada has become an uglier and uglier place, and an uglier and uglier nation.

Prior to 1993, Canada under Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and before him Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was a country that, nationally and globally, stood for human rights, environmental protection, justice, and economic opportunity for all.

Once there was a Canada that helped end Apartheid, fought for and won global accords to end acid rain, provided safe haven for Vietnam War draft dodgers and resisters, was at the forefront of dealing with climate change.

That's all changed. Canada today embraces environmental destruction for profit, the suppression of human rights, the denial of justice, and the economic advancement only for the corporate sector.

Today, Canada is gripped in a scandal of voter suppression; there is a growing, widespread belief and mounting evidence that the Conservative Party of Canada won the last election by illegal means.

The Conservatives, under Prime Stephen Harper, actively suppress freedom of speech and free discourse. They suppress facts, in order to promote policies based on right wing ideology and bias, all to pander to its mindless, right wing base.

So egregious is this pattern of disinformation that the science journal Nature is lending its voice to condemnation of the Harper regime.

In Leading journal demands Harper set Canada’s scientists free, Canada's national newspaper, the Globe & Mail reports that,

One of the world's leading scientific journals has criticized the federal government for policies that limit its scientists from speaking publicly about their research.

The journal, Nature, says in an editorial in this week's issue that it is time for the Canadian government to set its scientists free.
It notes that Canada and the United States have undergone role reversals in the past six years, with the U.S. adopting more open practices since the end of George W. Bush's presidency while Canada has been going in the opposite direction.

The editorial says that since taking power in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has tightened the media protocols applied to federal government scientists and employees.

Nature says policy directives on government communications that have been released through access to information requests have revealed the Harper government has little understanding of the importance of the free flow of scientific knowledge.
It pains me as a Canadian to have to report that Canada, thanks to the Right Wing extremism of Prime Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, is becoming a doppelganger of the worst of the Republican Party.

Even more troubling, it's no longer clear that Canada can even run honest, free, and fair elections anymore.
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  1. Angry Citizen's Avatar
    Today, Canada is gripped in a scandal of voter suppression; there is a growing, widespread belief and mounting evidence that the Conservative Party of Canada won the last election by illegal means.
    Shame on you for failing to support the only shocking statement in your post. I have heard nothing of Canadian voter fraud anywhere.
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  2. Castaway's Avatar
    WOW! Obviously, not all of us Canadians wake up on the same side of the bed as you obviously do. I have a friend who just moved to our area, here in Canada, from Russia. He said to me: "If you were from Russia, like me; you would say that even the worst of Canada is VERY GOOD."

    I doubt that you could prove most of what you are claiming here about our great country.
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