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I'm sure you've all noticed that the number of spammers on Volconvo has increased exponentially in the last few weeks. If there's a reason for this I'm unaware of it.

What I do know is that we've also seen an increase in the number of spam reports from our members, and for that I'm extremely grateful. I used to try to thank every member personally when they reported a spammer, but recently that has become impractical due to the number of reports.

So consider this a big "thank you" to every member who has taken a moment to report spam in the forum.

It's difficult for the moderators to catch every instance of spam here, especially when it is posted to an existing thread that might not be monitored on a daily basis. It makes our job so much easier when members point out spam as they come across it.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
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  1. Diogenes's Avatar
    Human spammers target any site they come across that is an easy target. The sites they like the most are ' active ' sites with little or inadequate moderation.
    Think of it like a B&E...the easiest targets are the ones where no one is home. The preferred targets are the ones that have stuff you want but have little to no security.

    If you have a dog in your house it will deter everyone but the hard-core criminal. You need to have a dog in the house at all times.'s likely to ' eventually ' get worse...not better.
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  2. Cruella's Avatar
    Actually, it's all down to some determined spammers from Eastern Europe having broken the "captcha" logarithms that most websites use for new sign-ups.

    We've changed the requirements for sign-up and things will change from now on. It has had little, in fact nothing to do with inadequate moderation, and in fact, we've got off very lightly compared to other forums around the world.
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  3. Maryjane's Avatar
    Agreed, thanks everyone for helping out. Nice little community we have here.
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