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Mystery at Sea: USS Enterprise (CVN-65) - Overhauled & Ready for War

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Dear Reader,

Keep your eyes focused intently upon the USS Enterprise (CVN 65 - Big "E") for the next three years for the following reasons:

As world governments continue to position their pieces upon the Middle Eastern chessboard for Peak Oil and Peak Water domination, the USS Enterprise is being reattached to the US Navy Fifth Fleet, which would spearhead any major confrontation.

The stakes are being raised daily by continuous direct threats against the Middle Eastern oil fields.

The USS Enterprise was originally scheduled in 2008 for a 16 month overhaul drydock-maintenance, with an estimated price tag of $453.3 million dollars.

After 12 (twelve) approved cost overruns and with 8 additional months of critical downtime, the Enterprise has just currently been released to the US Navy after successful sea trials.

The final price tag: $662M and 24 months in the Newport News, VA. Shipbuilding Drydock, bringing overruns to $208.7M over an additional 8 month period.

Most mainstream articles have reported that this was due to the aircraft carrier being 48 years old and it being in very much need of repair.

Three months ago there were unusual newswire reports that stated USN sailors attached to the Enterprise were being denied access to the ship and only after an extensive I.D. verification process were they being personally escorted -- if approved.

With China hacking into the Pentagon mainframe regularly (plus into other sensitive facilities; Enterprise Files?), and with terrorist organizations attempting to penetrate classified U.S. defense protocols, then it does not take much imagination to consider the possibility that something 'special' is going on here.

After all this expense, security, time and effort, the USS Enterprise is to be decommissioned between 2012-2013 ---sounds strange doesn't it???

Perhaps there have been classified weapons modifications made to this ship (example: electronic hardening against EMP attacks & to the catapult systems for launching experimental aircraft/robotic drones . . . etc.), that would allow the USS Enterprise to be used as an offensive-expendable-asset during a confrontation with Iran and/or China!?!?

Plus the congressional waiver debate going on to reduce the legal war-ready aircraft carrier roster from the mandated 11 (eleven) down to 10 or perhaps only 9 available.

The next scheduled aircraft carrier to be commissioned is the Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) in 2015, but with reported technical difficulties it may not be released until 2016 -- leaving the US short of adequate political leverage and back-it-up firepower.

There is an Internet petition attempting to have the Enterprise turned into a floating national museum, but that is if there is anything left to be preserved after its final two tours of duty.

Our future existence may be riding upon the actions of the USS Enterprise, so be sure to keep track of this ship!

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