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    Hillary's chances

    Thread Starter: Nono

    If you look at FiveThirtyEight -- the forecaster with the most reliable track record -- Hillary has a virtually unassailable lead. However, all this is based on polls already conducted. If nothing...

    Last Post By: JohnPaul 29th September 2016, 06:22 PM Go to last post

    Big Debate

    Thread Starter: Zeebadee

    Not over yet, but IMHO, clinton has been on the defensive all night. No doubt Trump has had much more air time so far.

    Last Post By: Chris the Chees 29th September 2016, 04:54 PM Go to last post

    When will Trump take the lead?

    Thread Starter: Sundown

    The most probable date could be at the debates, which are coming up pretty quick. As strong as his speeches are right now, maybe it could be sooner. An LA poll showed blacks supporting him...

    Last Post By: Chris the Chees 29th September 2016, 01:22 PM Go to last post

    Clinton started it, Trump finished it ...?

    Thread Starter: BlackSheep

    So Trump opened his mouth again and let this juicy pile of lies out. "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it; you know what I mean....

    Last Post By: BlackSheep 29th September 2016, 06:56 AM Go to last post
    Suburban Gal

    ISIS/ISIL Related Violence In Europe

    Thread Starter: Suburban Gal

    Joué-lès-Tours, Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Reutlingen, Normandy... Europeans must really be regretting their decision to let Muslims and Syrian refugees into their countries over the past 30...

    Last Post By: Nono 29th September 2016, 04:20 AM Go to last post
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