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  1. Truth Matters: DxE Investigators Expose "Humane" Fraud at Whole Foods

    For your consideration:

    "DxE investigators find shocking mistreatment of animals at a "humane" Whole Foods supplier.... and attempt to rescue a little hen named Mei from the brink of death."


  2. Barack Obama-then and now

    The right isn't the only side of the political spectrum capable of hypocrisy (see my earlier post on Sean Hannity).

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  3. Patriot Act Used Against a 16 Year Old Boy

    From YouTube:
    Granville County, NC -- On March 5 at about 10:00 PM, ten heavily armed FBI agents, accompanied by three local police officers, stormed into the home of an American family and arrested a 16 year old boy on charges he made numerous bomb threats.
    The boy, Ashton Lundeby, ...was taken from his family's North Carolina home, to a juvenile facility in Indiana where the threats were allegedly made.

    During the raid, the FBI
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  4. It's Hollywood or Me

    Let's cut the crap: the two Internet censorship bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act, are about one thing: Hollywood's money. We need to give our legislators a simple choice: Hollywood's money or our vote.

    I encourage everyone to call up their senator and congressman's offices and say "It's Hollywood or me!"

  5. You may be shot for demanding your rights

    In a commentary on National Review Online, an L.A. police officer appears to say that if you're stopped by an officer and invoke your search and seizure rights you just might get shot.

    So, since the president is keen on offering instruction, here is what I would advise he teach his Ivy League pals, and anyone else who may find himself unexpectedly confronted by a police officer: You may be as pure as the driven snow itself, but you have no idea what horrible crime that police officer
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