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Earth's Geodynamic Climate Engine

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The Earth's magnetic field (magnetosphere) is rapidly changing in comparison to other known cyclic geological time-scale events.

Scientific studies strongly suggest that these changes in the Earth's magnetosphere are partially driving the global climatic weather systems (climate change).

The magnetosphere also creates an external shield of magnetic force that holds back most of the streaming incoming cosmic radiation from space. (See: Van Allen Radiation Belts).

The Van Allen Belts have been created by a millenia of built-up charged particles, which have become trapped upon the energetic layers of the magnetosphere.

The Van Allen Belts are the two main radiation belts surrounding the Earth, and as our magnetosphere continues to weaken, it will eventually allow these suspended layers of radiation to come into direct contact with our upper atmosphere.

Earth's natural gravity would then pull these deadly radiation belts ever closer toward the surface where we live.

This is entirely contingent upon how weak our magnetic field actually becomes, as it reduces through its current progressive reversal.

This would send our planetary climate engine into extreme overdrive, not to mention the negative effects from direct contact with solar and cosmic radiation with DNA lifeforms on the ground!

Already there have been magnetic breaches (holes) discovered by NASA, that are most probably contributing factors to the acceleration effects of climate change.

During sequences of glacier melt that has already occured thus far, and with the evidence of some ocean-level rise having been detected, there has been a slight redistribution of water-weight volume across much of the Earth's surface.

This has created shifting pressures throughout the Earth's crust, which is triggering worldwide earthquakes and volcanic activity; including tsunami subduction zone activity.

It is also possible that the Earth's core is experiencing a cyclic heating up and that this is adding to the unusual tectonic disturbances.

The Earth's internal core is slowly shifting its axis orientation and magnetic field strength through geodynamic fluid polarization (Polar Magnetic Reversal).

This evidence points to the magnetic poles reversing only -- 'not' the Earth as a whole rolling over like a ball.

However, Albert Einstein along with several other scientists have speculated that the Earth's crust perhaps does slip around the core like a loose skin on an orange.

The Sun's magnetic field also has a profound effect upon the Earth's core and its generated magnetosphere, which as our Sun experiences its next magnetic flip (2012/2013 during solar maximum), will most probably affect the Earth's geodynamic engine core in some fashion.

This outcome is totally unknown and can only be speculated upon, however any significant coronal mass ejections (CME's) from our side of the Sun may be able to dominate and penetrate through Earth's magnetic-shield defenses.

Along with the 300-400% increase in earthquake and volcanic activity worldwide, there is also a global surge of governments and civilians building underground bunkers!

The Norwegian seed-vault project when coupled with the new rise in government interest toward space-mission projects, causes many to wonder what they could possibly know in advance, that we obviously do not know or rather it only leaves us to spectator-speculate on the sidelines!

In our lifetime and perhaps all too soon we may come to know for ourselves, the actual meaning behind many of Earth's radical shifts, which has only just begun recently to interfere with our average daily lives.

Severe weather patterns have been one of the main current concerns, but also other effects in regard to human optical patterns (vision), cognitive mental processes, and possible genetic (DNA/RNA) realignments are also being suggested and studied.

These are all forces that lie well outside of humankinds' current technological capability to intervene against, and only in a future moment does any hope for this new knowledge truly exist.

Perhaps the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva holds the only true hope for these new discoveries, and yet there is the slightest of possibilities for scientific disaster within their endeavors.

These are our only choices and there are not many:

#1. Make a new start colonizing the moon and other planets.

#2. Stay on Earth and struggle to adapt to a series of constant extremely unknown variations.


> Personal Notes - Food for Thought:

> It absolutely annoys me to no end that insurance companies have already begun to remove "Earth Movement" coverage from most of our policies, and it is being done quite quietly and very smoothly!

> The Universe has been observed and measured to be expanding and accelerating, which appears to be speeding up the universal time-flow (time is speeding up), and perhaps this effect is adding to the overall environmental phenomena escalation, but due to relativity this should not have any impact upon Earth's magnetosphere.

The only thing that would be expected is that the Earth's nuclear engine would just accelerate with everything else.

Perhaps the Earth's core is now generating frequencies that are accelerating time or at the very least are affecting the human cognitive perception of time passage.

> Mysterious sonic booms that are being continuously heard around the world could be caused by escaping pockets of methane gas being released from permafrost melt and ocean sources, then ignited by atmospheric static discharges.

These sonic booms are only being experienced during daylight hours, which of course is the most active static discharge period.

I have heard no better explanation to date.


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